Autumn Leaf Foundation

Autumn Leaf Foundation.

Autumn Leaf is a private foundation designed to serve ordinary individuals leave a sustainable legacy of charitable giving. It is a Canadian registered charity subject to the scrutiny of Canada Revenue Agency and overseen by a board of responsible trustees.

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Our Investment Strategy

We endeavour to build a portfolio of investments that are not subject to the market gyrations of volatile markets. We generally avoid equities and instead focus on mortgages and other interest bearing investments backed by mortgages on real property. At the present historically low interest environment, we feel that if we can achieve a 5% annual return with minimal risk, we have done well.

How to partner with us

You can untilize the services of Autumn Leaf in one of two ways. Either you can make a charitable donation to Autumn Leaf or else you can make an interest free loan to us. When you invest with us your funds are put into our investment pool and a separate fund created for you. Your share of the investment income is credited to your fund quarterly and is reinvested. Thus effectively it is compounded quarterly.

Charitable Donation

Like donations to any other charity, this donation is eligible for tax credit on your Canadian income tax return which is typically close to 50% of the amount of the donation. Thus a $10,000 contribution will ultimately cost you only a little over $5,000. You also have the option of donating appreciated stocks or other securities and thereby avoid any capital gains tax on the increase in value since you purchased them. Contact us for details. If you are a US taxpayer, contributions to Canadian charities may be allowable for tax deduction on your US tax return. Consult your US tax advisor for details. A charitable donation is irrevocable and non-refundable.

Charitable Loan

You also have the option of making an interest-free loan to Autumn Leaf. This is the option that makes most sense for non-residents of Canada but is also an option for Canadians. With a charitable loan, your original principal can be repaid to you at any time with 90 days notice.